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    by Garry Stockton

    Revit keys 1.png

    If you are new to Revit, but still use AutoCAD too, here are some useful Revit Tips and Tricks.

    • Previous Selection Set - Ctrl + the left arrow key on your keyboard will re-select the previous selection set.
    • Filter Selection Sets - Use the Filter tool to refine selection sets to just the item needed. Combine this with Select all Instances.
    • Drag to Copy - Hold down the Ctrl key and drag a component to make a copy of it.

    If custom key-ins make you faster in AutoCAD, consider using the same ones in Revit.  Here are some classic AutoCAD commands and the Revit commands that go with them:

    • (Break)                             Split Element
    • (Copy)                              Copy
    • (Erase)                              Delete
    • (Fillet)                               Trim/Extend
    • (Hatch)                             Filled Region
    • (Insert)                             Link Revit
    • (Line)                                Detail Line
    • (Mirror)                            Mirror
    • (Offset)                             Offset
    • (Quick Save)                   Synchronize
    • (Trim)                               Trim/Extend

    Start by using the keyboard short cut for the keyboard shortcut editor ‘KS’. 



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