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    by Garry Stockton

    Revit Filter 1.png

    Whilst annotating drawing views, we often use many callouts, sections and elevations that are not required on sheets. They can often clutter the drawing and become a little distracting.

    To clear things up, did you know a filter can be made? It may seem a bit too much effort, but we think it’s worth it (after all you can transfer filters to other projects) , and it does the job and saves time.

    You can do this by setting up the Section, Callouts and Elevations as individual filters (highlighted in blue), or group them as a complete filter, highlighted in yellow.

    Revit Filter 2.png

    • First create a new filter. In Visibility Graphics, go to the Filters tab and duplicate the existing Interior 3 times and duplicate each one, changing the name to Callouts, Elevations, Sections.
    • In the lower left corner of the dialog, select the icon that looks like a sheet of paper with a tiny Sun at the upper right. Name your filter something like "Hide Unused Sections and Callouts".

    Under Categories, select Callouts, Elevations and Sections, and then Filter by Sheet Number. Make the rule "does not contain", then leave the next box blank.

    Revit Filter 3.png

    This filter will find every callout, elevation and section that does not have a sheet number assigned to it, the ones that have not been placed on sheets. Now no unused callouts, elevations or sections will be visible in your view.