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    by Dennis Collin

    AC SKP 1.png

    Trimble SketchUp is a popular modelling tool, often used for simple conceptual modelling. However, there is a need at times to bring SketchUp geometry into AutoCAD. Although SketchUp can export DWG and DXF it is sometimes better to import geometry using its native format SKP, thereby minimising data loss.

    AC SKP 2.png

    Fig 1. Import SketchUp data via the Add-ins tab. Or type ImportSKP at the command prompt.

    The Add-in provides a new IMPORTSKP command to convert SketchUp data and insert the model into the current drawing. Type ‘ImportSKP’ on the command prompt or access the command from the Add-ins panel, navigate to the SKP file and choose open.

    To avoid model scaling errors, it is vital to ensure that both the units within the Sketchup file and the Units in the target AutoCAD document are set correctly.

    I.e. If drawing in millimetres, the units should read Millimetres in both applications!

    AC SKP 3.png

    It should be noted that the 2022 SKP file format can be only imported using AutoCAD version 2022 or later.

    The add-in is free of charge and can be downloaded from the App store here:


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