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    by Dennis Collin

    Wall Mullions 1.png

    I had a recent question during a training course on how to customise a Curtain Wall mullion family, and how to make it appear more detailed at certain scales.

    Wall Mullions 2.png

    Fig 1. The default mullion settings initially look somewhat basic!

    Curtain wall mullions are system families that reside inside a project or project template. However, they can be linked to more detailed profiles that contain detail components which show more detailed elements like clips and fixings.

    Wall Mullions 3.png

    If required, these bespoke Profile and Detail item families can be created using the appropriate family template. Simply create a new family choosing the correct template and draw linework as desired.

    Wall Mullions 4.png

    Fig 2. Creating a mullion detail component.

    In the example below, a typical standard mullion system family is defined with a 65mm width and 190mm depth. These properties can be set within the System families type properties. The default profile is just a simple rectangular form. However, users can create a new mullion profile family and draw a more detailed outline. This shape is still somewhat basic, but contains the main boundary outline of the detailed mullion component. (Fig 3)

    Wall Mullions 5.png

    Fig 3. Mullion profile family set to coarse and medium level display.

    The detail linework itself is drawn within another family that is a detail component. In this family, linework is drawn to set dimensions showing such features as framing thickness, fillets, notches etc. This detail family is then saved and loaded into the custom mullion profile family.

    In the mullion profile family, the detail can be selected and edited so that it only shows in Fine detail. Whereas the general profile linework is set to show on coarse and medium. This mullion profile is then saved and loaded into the main working project.

    Wall Mullions 6.png

    Fig 4. Custom Curtain Wall System with bespoke mullion profile assigned.

    In the project, the mullion system family can be assigned the new customised profile with nested detail family. The mullion family can be added to existing curtain wall grid lines or added to new curtain wall system families as required. Depending on the base line position an offset value for the profile will need to be specified, in this example a value of 38mm has been applied.

    Wall Mullions 7.png

    Fig 5. Mullion system family with profile assigned and offset applied.

    When looking at the mullion shape in a cut view, in fine detail the detailed linework will display according to convention of finer scales. This will save the tedious process of adding manual linework at the detailing stage.

    Wall Mullions 8.png

    Fig 6. When set to fine detail level in plan, the mullion’s fixings and mounts show correctly.