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    by John Flanagan

    AC Dynamic 1.png

    Dynamic Block Definitions

    The Block Editor enables you to create new dynamic block definitions from scratch or modify an existing block to make a dynamic block. Additionally, you can add actions and parameters that turn a conventional block into a dynamic block.


    AC Dynamic 2.png

    Parameters determine the geometry that will be affected by an action when you manipulate a block reference.


    AC Dynamic 3.png

    Actions define how the geometry of a dynamic block reference will move or change when its grips are manipulated.

    When you start the Block Editor, the Edit Block Definition dialogue box opens, as shown. If you right-click on an existing dynamic block and select Block Editor, it opens the block directly in the Block Editor.

    Edit Block Definition Dialogue Box

    AC Dynamic 4.png

    How To:  Create a Dynamic Block from Scratch

    1.  In the Home tab>Block panel or in the Insert tab>Block Definition panel, click Block


    2.  In the Edit Block Definition dialogue box, type a name for the new block.

    3.  Click OK. The Block Editor contextual tab opens without any objects.

    4.  Draw objects for the block using the regular drawing and editing tools.

    5.  Add parameters and actions as required.

    6.  Click X (Close Block Editor) to create the block.

    Alternatively, in the Home tab>Block panel or Insert tab>Block Definition panel, click Create and in the Block Definition dialogue box, select the Open in block editor option. The Block Definition dialogue box enables you to select objects that have already been drawn. When you click OK, the block objects are opened in the Block Editor contextual tab, in which you can add dynamic parameters and actions.