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    by Dennis Collin

    Revit Complex lines 1.png

    I recently posted on how Revit users could create line-based objects with complex line styles using text characters to represent a variety of site services on drawings.

    This post can be accessed here:

    Whilst useful , this approach only created straight line segments whereas sometimes these symbols need to be applied to a curve. Whilst tags can sometimes serve this purpose this is not always an ideal workflow.

    The good news is that a similar approach can be applied to a curve or spline element and Revit’s adaptive component family! The process is outline here in a simple diagram. Using a nested annotation family in an adaptive component can provide a patterned line tool.

    Revit Complex lines 2.png

    Fig. Creating a curved line with repeated symbols requires using nested families.

    I have written a whitepaper describing this process and may be of use to any user of Revit whatever the background or discipline.

    Click HERE to access the Whitepaper.