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    by John Flanagan

    AutoCAD Layer 1.png

    AutoCAD Layer Standards

    In AutoCAD we can standardise Layers, Dimension Styles, Text Styles and so on.

    You create new layers in the Layer Properties Manager.

    Layering Standard — Layering is essential to drawing files, both large and small. Establishing conventions for nomenclature, colour and visibility are just a few ways to create a standard that can be relied on throughout your organisation.

    Once you have created your layers in a drawing, click the layer drop down to see all the layers in your project.

    AutoCAD Layer 2.png

    In this example, named layers with layer colours have been created. All the different objects in the drawing will be placed on the correct layer. When you hover over an object in your drawing you can see what layer it is on.    

    AutoCAD Layer 3.png

    It shows that the wall is a line, but the layer is I-Wall. That standard is telling me that it is an internal wall. So, by creating and naming layers, your drawing is becoming standardised. If it were not standardised everything would be on the default layer zero.