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    by John Flanagan

    Revit Windows 1.png

    Managing Windows

    The drawing area displays views (and sheets and schedules) of the current model. Each time you open a view in a model, the view displays in the drawing area.

    Use tools of the View tab Windows panel to arrange project views to suit your work style.

    Revit Windows 2.png

    Switch Windows

    Select the required view from the Switch Windows drop-down list to activate it. Note that all currently open views will be displayed in the drop-down.

    Close Inactive Views

    The Close Inactive tool is used to close all the views except the currently active view. Close Inactive Views is particularly useful when you want to close several views quickly.

    Note: Right-click any of the window icons and you will have the option to add these tools to the Quick Access Tool Bar.

    Tab Views

    The Tab Views tool is used to arrange all open windows into tabs. By default, all the views are arranged in tabs.

    Revit Windows 3.png

    Tile Views (WT)

    The Tile Views tool arranges all open views within the modelling window, tiled so you can see each one in the drawing.

    Revit Windows 4.png

    Tile views are useful for viewing the results of user actions in multiple views simultaneously. For example, by tiling views, when you make changes in an elevation view, you can see those same changes in a 3D view and a plan view. In the following image, notice that the skylight selected in the elevation view is also selected in the other tiled views.