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    by Chris Smith


    As Vault users we know the value of adding metadata to our files. We can use the information inside of a file for fast, efficient searches in Vault, getting the right data, easier and faster than conventional operating system search functions.

    We may however have files that have the data we need to search, but not in a format that can be linked with Vault, like properties and attributes. This is where the Contents Indexing Service can help.

    The Contents Indexing Service allows Vault users to search the contents of a file to find the data they need. Although this can be a slower process than a property search, it can be useful for files like legacy AutoCAD drawings with simple text box title blocks instead of block attributes or a part of a document. In this blog we will look at how we can activate the Contents Indexing Service and use the Vault client to find the data we are looking for.


    Here I have an AutoCAD file containing the word Prototype in a text box.

    vault 1.png

    The file is stored within the Vault, but a search for “prototype” does not return the file in the search results.

    vault 2.png    vault 3.png

    Enabling content indexing will help.

    Activating Vault Contents Indexing Service

    This step will require a Vault admin because we need to access the ADMS (Autodesk Data Management Service) console on the Vault server to activate the CIS.

    1. Open the ADMS console on the server and select the Vault you wish to use the CIS on.

    vault 4.png

    2. Click the actions tab and select Content Indexing Service...

    vault 5.png

    3. Select the Yes, enable Content Indexing Service and then click OK. That’s it, the content indexing is now active on the selected Vault.

    vault 6.png
    Searching file contents

    Before we can search file contents, we need to enable the option in the search function in the Vault client. To do this, click the arrow to the right of the search box and click the Search File Content option.

    vault 7.png

    Now when I search for “Prototype” I get my drawing in the search results.

    vault 8.png

    This can be a good way of finding the information you need, but it must be noted that it could take a while to index all the files when the CIS is first activated and when searching in the Vault client using the Search File Content option.