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    By David Crowther

    QGIS – WFS Editing Not Saving - 1.png


    When editing a WFS connection from GeoServer in QGIS, my edits are not saving, what is causing this?


    If you are connecting QGIS to a WFS layer hosted by GeoServer and when you try to save any edits you get an error message on saving –

    Could not commit changes to layer X Errors: ERROR: 1 geometries not changed.

    The issue could possibly be resolved by applying a Proxy Based URL in your GeoServer Global Settings.

    Login to GeoServer and choose the Global Settings

    QGIS – WFS Editing Not Saving - 2.png

    In the Service Settings – Proxy Base URL – enter the URL of your GeoServer instance e.g.

    QGIS – WFS Editing Not Saving - 3.png

    Now when you try editing your WFS layers, the save action should now successfully save the changes you have made in QGIS to the source data!



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