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    By Shaun Griffiths

    You may have noticed that, for some features or design tools, you are now provided with a Preset option. This can be found in the properties of certain features, such as Hole or the Frame Generator.

    Presets in Inventor - 1.png

    This allows you to reuse or define feature properties to use repeatedly within Inventor. It can be time consuming to select all the correct properties for each job or feature you wish to apply them, so saving presets or utilising the recently used option can improve this.

    Presets in Inventor - 2.png

    If you wish to add a new preset, you can select the “+” icon and name the preset as required or use the automatically generated preset name.

    In addition, the eyedropper conveniently allows you to select features that you have already used to populate the properties.

    These presets, however, are saved locally by default to a preset file located in the %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\Inventor xxxx\Presets folder.

    Therefore, each user can define and use their own presets. However, if you require all users to use the same preset file, this can be defined in the application options or in the project file.

    Presets in Inventor - 3.png