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    By Miles Nicholson

    In the Cadline Localiser, there is a unique library called WD, an abbreviation of “wiring diagram” which contains hundreds of “wiring diagram” symbols. This library is not available in the out-of-the-box AutoCAD Electrical.

    A wiring diagram is a drawing that contains symbolical representations of the actual physical devices, but contains wiring information that is repeated from the schematic diagrams. There is no International standard for how wiring diagrams should be drawn so it is usually down to the specific companies' requirements as to how the image is aesthetically drawn and also the information that is shown. It is typically laid out as you would wire up the components.

    A wiring diagram is not to be confused with a wiring schematic where the latter is a point-to-point schematic showing wires going from component to component.

    The WD Library (wiring diagram) enables you to create a symbolic representation of the actual physical device with automatic wire from/to annotation extracted from the schematic connections.

    AutoCAD Electrical 2024 – The Cadline Localiser Wiring Diagram Library (WD) - 1.png

    It also enables you to create cable diagrams automatically.

    AutoCAD Electrical 2024 – The Cadline Localiser Wiring Diagram Library (WD) - 2.png

    If you produce this type of drawing, there is an AutoCAD Electrical Quick Start Productivity Training course available that covers the subject and of course, there are multiple blogs available within the Cadline Community.