Inventor - Quick Tip: "F" Key Shortcuts

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By Clint Brown


The ability to easily navigate around your model in Autodesk Inventor makes the task of creating 3D models much easier. While the user interface presents several simple tools for navigating around a model, shortcut keys can be quicker.

The Function, or "F" keys on your keyboard provide shortcuts for model navigation inside of Autodesk Inventor, below is a list of these shortcuts;

F2 – Pan

F3 – Zoom

F4 – Orbit

F5 – Zoom Previous

F6 – Home View

The animated GIF below shows the "F" keys in action.

Bonus UI navigation tools:

The middle mouse button. Holding down the middle mouse button activates the "Pan" command (as per F2). Scrolling the middle mouse button will zoom the model in and out. Holding Shift and the middle mouse button will activate the "Orbit" command (as per F4).


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