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    By Gary Mann

    You may not be aware of what the Classic menu looked like, so first I will show you a taster

    of the Classic menu. In Cymap, go to the Building program>Display>Floating View Toolbar.


    It will appear on the Left-Hand side docked as an extended vertical toolbar. Left click and hold on the top section on the dotted lines and drag to a suitable position before releasing the mouse button to park the toolbar, see below.


    I have parked the classic “View” Menu beneath the current “View Ribbon” that replaced them so you can compare side by side. The Ribbons are much larger (x5), have descriptive text above, below and internally and also shows the F Key short cut options, but the classic menu is much smaller and uses far less of the screen and you can display multiple toolbars simultaneously. The reason why the Floating View Toolbar has its own button is because it is one of the most used commands when navigating a building and is applicable when using Insert, Edit, Display etc.

    The screenshot below shows several toolbars displayed simultaneously having restored the classic menu. If you think you would prefer using the classic menus then read on!


    To set up the display for classic Toolbars or Menus go to Cymap Utilities>Cymap Defaults.


    Select “General from the program Dropdown list. Double click in the Value field of the Classic menu row. Change the value from 0 to 1. (Off to On)

    Then don’t forget to save the file and the next time you open Cymap you will have the Classic Menus to use, example below.


    To restore the ribbons simply change the 1 back to a zero in the Cymdef.ini file.

    Email me if you use classic menus or if there is anything else you would like featured.

    Thank you.  At your service; gary.mann@cadline.co.uk




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