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    By Dennis Collin 

    Whilst working on AutoCAD recently my screen went grey all by itself. Okay, no It didn’t, I was copying and pasting elements between documents, and although I didn’t appreciate it at the time I hit an extra key by mistake! In any event my Window’s desktop went all grey scale and despite a torrent of curses, checking and rechecking graphics driver settings and reboots my desktop remained in greyscale mode!


    Do not adjust your set, it’s as simple as CTRL+Win+C!


    A recent Windows 10 update (build 16215), included a new colour filters feature designed to make the life easier for people with sight issues seeing colour contrast in the Windows environment.

    Whilst it is a useful feature to some, it can be an extreme annoyance to users not aware of this new functionality especially as the shortcut combination is very similar to the cut and paste feature. However, do not worry, the Ctrl+Win+C keystroke combination will toggle the grayscale off and restore the Windows environment back to the desired default setting.

    Phew! Now, all I have to do, is worry about my commute home.



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