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    By Luke Howells 


    How to Create Surface Spot Levels with 2 Surface Levels

    In this exercise we look at how we can create a Surface label that is capable of reading 2 separate surface levels.

    We start by copying the existing Surface Spot Level Label Style, Rename “Proposed-Existing Levels”

    Rename the Component – Proposed Surface Level

    Add an additional Reference Text, Select Surface and Rename – EG Levels

    Adjust the position and placement of the 2 label components.


    In the Text Content add the Surface Level.


    Select ‘Add Label’ from the Annotate Tab, select Surface Label and your new Proposed-EG Level Style.

    When prompted from the command line press ENTER to select the first Surface, place spot level, press ENTER to select second Reference Surface.


    The Reference Text Component can be used on other level styles.