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    By Ashley Rice 

    Public Health inclusion of calculation methods:

    1. Hot water systems
    2. Cold water systems 


    As the above table indicates, your calculation methods include both British Standards 6700 and EN 806, along with CIBSE demand units and loading units.

    Cymap will intuitively open the below dialog box for the engineer to set up the calculation method and the selection criteria when the user opens the PH program.

    NB: It will default to the BS EN 806 calculation method. This can be changed with the drop-down list shown below:


    If the engineer hasn’t already selected the relevant piping type from the database provided when attempting to design any system such as gas, hot or cold-water systems, then again the software will intuitively open the general information dialog box for the user to select as per screen shot below:


    In the Hot form shown above, the user will able to select from the drop-down list and input requirements such as a minimum balancing pressure in kPa, a max circulation temperature drop and average building temperature in degrees C and an average building velocity in meters per second before moving on to the Cold form shown below.


    Choose the appropriate pipe type from the Cymap supplied database or create, edit and save a new one in the Cymap database menu found on the home screen. This is also the case with all Cymap databases as they are purposely open source for the engineer or design office manager to customise and disseminate.