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    By Garry Stockton


    When using room tags for numbering your rooms, they follow on numerically (see image A). However, when you tag upper floors the numbers follow the existing Tags from floor below (see image B)


    Should you wish to number the upper floors from 201 (2nd floor) and 301 (3rd floor) as below (see Images below), use the following process.       

    2.PNG    Number/Tag rooms on the ground or first floor as required. When you go to the next level/floor insert another room Tag into your first room. You will note it’s inserted a Tag which follows numerically from previous floor. To modify, select the number in the tag and number it appropriately see image below.


    Once you have changed the number to 201 for example for the 2nd Floor, you will need to window the Tags from the floor below but note; not Room 101.


    Select Filter on the selection panel and ensure that Rooms and Room Tags are the only items ticked. Apply and OK.


    Go to the next level/floor you want to set Room Tags. On the clipboard panel select ‘Copy to Clipboard’. Drop the Paste menu and select ‘Aligned to selected levels’


    Select Level required, OK and you’ll notice the Rooms Tag are correctly numbered.