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    By Luke Howells


    The more I use and train on the latest version of the UKIE country kit for Civil 3D, the more small annoying errors I find.

    In a previous article my colleague, Justin Doughty, discussed an error with the British Kerb Sub-Assemblies in the latest release à Missing Kerbs

    I have found that a similar error occurs across the entire Bristish Standard Sub-Assemblies on the UKIE Design Tool Palette.

    The easiest and quickest fix is to remove and replace!

    Right Click on each British Standard in turn and DELETE.


    To re-add the correct working file move to the INSERT Tab and select IMPORT Sub-Assemblies.


    The source .pkt files are found here:- C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\C3D 2018\eng\Imported Tools\Source

    You can add all 3 British Standard .pkt files at once and add them to the UKIE Design Tool Pallete. They will insert at the bottom of the Tool Palette, to move simply drag and drop.