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    By Dennis Collin

    When working on a Revit structures model it is sometimes desired to have the reinforcement bars showing through slabs or walls. Obviously in a hidden view, because the reinforcement is contained within the concrete, the area and sketch bars do not display. Ref - the image below.


    Fig 1: Wireframe showing mesh and Hidden Line style obscuring the rebar.

    Reinforcement objects have an instance override property allowing the bars to show through structural concrete. This override setting is in the Revit properties palette which can be seen in the following image.


    Fig 2. Editing the display properties for the rebar. 

    Clicking on the View Visibility states displays a list of views within the Revit project which can be selected as unobscured, or as solid bar geometry, provided the fine level of detail control is selected.


    Fig 3. The exposed bars displaying through foundations, slabs and walls.




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