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    By John Flanagan 



    The Structural Connections tool is located on the Ribbon : Structure Tab > Connection Panel. To download Revit Structural Connections you need to sign in to your Subscription Account, click on Products>Your Revit product>and click on Enhancements where you can then download the Steel Connections for Revit add on. You then need to click or double click the file to start the installation process and follow the prompts.

    Use the Structural Connections tool to add structural connections to structural elements such as columns and beams as illustrated.        

    Fig 1: Structural Framing Connection


    Structural Connections Visibility Control

    Once you have placed your connections you may not see anything! Check your Visibility Graphics and ensure the Structural Connections sub-categories are checked to be visible:


    Also make sure your Detail Level is set to Fine in order to see your new connections.

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