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    By Ashley Rice 

    In this blog the focus is to look at:

    1. Using the Ducting Program in Cymap to design supply and extract systems
    2. Using Cyspace to calculate an AHU solution
    3. Exporting all systems and services into Revit for 3D visualisation

    The first on the list was Cymap and how you can use the ducting program to calculate and design both supply and extract systems for the spaces as per the screen shot below:


    As you can see from the screen shot above, we have grills and diffusers supplied by a single line ducting system. FYI, you can change the single line into 2-line ducting within Cymap for co-ordination, but for the purpose of this blog we want to appreciate this in Revit (in order to switch to a  2-line ducting in Cymap, you click on Display, Options, Ducting and Show 2-line Ducting option).


    Once your ducting system is calculated, you can display the summary for each calculated system as below.


    Calculate your AHU solution in Cyspace for the Supply and Extract system results from Cymap, import the same DXF into Cyspace and get the coordinates to place the AHU in the roof top plant as shown below:


    Zoom all view:


    Elevation view:


    The next stage is exporting the Cyspace solution to Revit, you achieve this by saving the solution as a  SAF file within Cyspace and importing within Revit Add-ins.

    Cyspace AHU solution in Revit model, roof top plant. 


    Cymap ducting and the AHU completed for the Revit 3D visulisation, as below.




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