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    By Ashley Rice 

    Within Cyspace chiller plantrooms the total duty is specified on the parent plantroom form as a user input value.

    The number and duty of air cooled chillers required to provide the total duty are determined by selection rules or can be user input (see Basis).

    Air cooled chillers are selected from each of the manufacturer ranges to meet the requirements specified on this form. A “worst case” generic air-cooled chiller is then created based on these selections (i.e. maximum width, depth, height, maximum clearances etc) to use in the layout.

    Cyspace imports into Revit as below by saving your ‘Air Cooled Chiller Plantroom’ as a SAF file and using the Revit import function.

    If you have any questions or would like a Cyspace demonstration please get in touch.

    Kindest regards

    Ashley Rice





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