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    By Ashley Rice

    As a Cymap user you have the ability to import your CYC files into Revit using an API called Cylink, which automatically turns any Cymap project and its associated services into 3D geometry within the Revit environment. 

    Cylink would need to be installed on the same computer that has Revit installed and you’ll see it as a tab at the top of the Revit screen shown below:Capture.JPG

    When setting up a new project - you’ll need to choose the Cylink Template file for your project as shown below:


    Click on the browse button and locate the template file which in my case is as shown in the file path below, but you’ll simply swap out my name for yours.

    C:\Users\ashley.rice\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\Revit\Addins\2018\CyLink 2018\Templates


    Once you have selected the CyLINK template T1 it will populate in the dialog window as shown below:


    Then you can import the CYC file straight away – click on the Cylink tab as previously shown and browse to the Cymap project and select which services you wish to import from the Cymap project.Capture2.JPG