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    By Garry Stockton 

    Sheets are mostly used for printing and views are actual project workspaces that can be placed onto sheets for issuing. A view can only be placed on one sheet and cannot be used in multiple sheets at any one time. To have a similar view placed in multiple sheets, you must duplicate the Views as Dependents and place the new view onto the sheet: Below are the different options when Duplicate View is selected.


    • Duplicate View

    Duplicates a view and all objects are considered part of the Project in that view. Things that are detail items, such as detail lines, hatches, text annotations and detail groups will now show up in the new Duplicated View. Any new changes to the views won’t affect the other.

    • Duplicate View with Detailing

    Duplicates a view with all model items and detail items. Any new changes to either the old or new view won’t affect the other.

    • Duplicate as Dependent

    Duplicates a view exactly as seen. Any changes in one view will affect the other.