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    By Garry Stockton  

    When setting up levels in the Elevation or Section views, have you wondered why most of your Level Heads are Blue, but occasionally you get one that is Black? See below example…


    When you see a Black level marker it’s simply down to whether the Level has an associated Plan View. You can also have Levels without any associated Plan View, but you need to have a Plan View with an associated Level.


     For floors, ceilings etc you need to have the ‘Make Plan View’ selected on the ‘Options Bar’.


     If you are creating additional Floor Levels in your project, you need a Floor Plan View with ‘Make Plan View’ selected. However, if you are creating a Level to determine the height of Trunking, Pipes etc, you don’t need a plan view and you must untick ‘Make Plan View’ on the option bar.




    So, the Level Heads will be Blue if they do have an Associated Plan View and they will be coloured Black if they do not.



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    Ken Boddy

    It would be useful to know whether a Plan View can be converted.  i.e. if not made associated with a plan on creation whether it can be later.

    I have a black level head but it performs as though it is a plan but still stays black.  If I delete it to recreate it .... yes everything is deleted.


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