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    By Nick Harris


    One of the most frequent requests we receive is for guidance on how to work with multiple software applications on the same project or process. The last year has seen a lot of progress in that area both by Autodesk and our own technical teams. The lines have been blurred between the functionality delivered by traditional desktop applications and those hosted in the cloud. Now to work through a process from start to finish, you may carry out multiple tasks using completely different software platforms without realising it.

    One example is the design approval process. When a designer is developing a project, it makes sense that the data they are working with is hosted locally. They need the freedom to try things, make mistakes and go back to earlier versions of their own copy of the data. There should be a facility to release their work to others for review or approval only when it is appropriate to do so. The designer effectively needs to work within a local project information management system up until the point that they submit the design for sign off and release it to a wider audience. At that point, they need a more collaborative system where those responsible for the approvals can easily view the progress made and authorise the project to move on to the next stage. It would be great if location or technology requirement did not constrain that part of the process.

    The solution to that scenario is to use Autodesk Vault and Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle together to reduce the time it takes to get design data checked and approved. One is an on-premise file management system, the other a cloud based process management one. The first is ideally suited to managing complex, work in progress information; the other for moving designs through a structured workflow. We have developed a solution to connect the two so that the most appropriate functionality in each technology is used to complete tasks in the same linear workflow. Importantly, the user continues to work as they always have and is not concerned with the mechanism that is moving the information between the two systems. Autodesk Vault works seamlessly with Autodesk design technology whilst Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle provides anywhere control, on computers and on mobile, of the design development process. Joining the two means that users get the best experience working with technology that is optimised for their day to day work.

    This development is just one of the examples of the work we are doing, delivering connectivity between complimentary technologies, that we will be talking about at our user conferences. Register now to guarantee your place at one of the events.



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