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    By Gary Mann

    Having a central location to store a company database is a good idea that will allow all users to work from a common set of data which can be updated in a single location.

    But remember, whenever you edit a database you must rename it, otherwise you will have databases with the same name but different contents. If a colleague accesses your CYC file from his PC, it will open his “unedited DB” and not find the fields that you had entered.

    You will need administrator privileges to copy files across a network, edit the registry and access the databases. If you don’t have these rights then you need to ask your IT department to implement the suggestions made here.

    For this example, let’s assume that we want to use Drive L:\ as our central store for the Cymap databases. The default location for Cymap Databases is; C:\Users\Public\Documents\Cymap 2018\DB\

    1. Create the folder L:\Cymap 2018\DB
    2. Copy all the DB folders and contents to the Network drive L:\Cymap 2018\DB\
    3. Then, re-name C:\Users\Public\Documents\Cymap 2018\DB\
    4. To: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Cymap 2018\DB sent to L
    5. This ensures that DBs remain in the original location in case you need to restore.
    6. Original folder & contents can be deleted when all is confirmed as working correctly.

    To change the default location for the Cymap databases in MS Windows, we need to edit the Windows Registry. To do this, right click on the start button and select “Run”.



    Type “regedit” in the “Open box and select OK;

    On the following screen, select the path options below or follow the highlighted screenshot



    Edit DatabaseDir from: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Cymap 2018\DB

           To: DatabaseDir L:\Cymap 2018\DB

    N.B. The Cymap number in the registry settings is always one higher

    than the Cymap version number e.g. Cymap 2018 is listed in the

    registry as Cymap 19.0

    Next time you open Cymap, the program will know where to look

    for all the relocated M & E databases.


    Drop me an email if you have any questions.

    Thank you. At your service - gary.mann@cadline.co.uk



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