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    By Martin Phelps


    This is a very simple process. Simply locate the command icon in the “Ribbon” menu, right click on the icon and select “Add to Quick Access Menu” as shown in Figure 1.pic4.pngFigure 1.

    The selected command, in this case “Roof” has now been added to the “Quick Access Menu as shown in Figure 2.pic5.pngFigure 2.

    Not only does the “Roof by Footprint” command now appear in the “Quick Access Menu”, but notice to the right of the added icon there is a drop down arrow which also give access to all the other “Roof” tools.

    To remove the recently added tool from the “Quick Access Menu”, right click on the tool in the “Quick Access Menu” and select “Remove from Quick Access Toolbar” as in Figure 3.pic6.pngFigure 3.



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