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    By Martin Phelps


    An overlooked addition to user colour preferences is the ability to change the colour of the “Rubber Band” Lines. These are the orange dashed lines that appear when drawing certain objects and appear when drawing a circle using either centre radius or centre diameter as shown in Figure 1, but can also appear when drawing “Ellipses” and “Polygons”.pic1.pngFigure 1.

    The colour of the “Rubber Band Lines can be changed in the “Colours” section of the “Display” tab of the “Options” dialogue box as shown in Figure 2.pic2.pngFigure 2.

    Not new to AutoCAD 2018, however an option that may be more useful is the ability to change the colour of the “Auto Track Vector” which is the fine dashed line displayed when using the “Object Snap Tracking Tool” as shown in Figure 3.pic3.pngFigure 3.

    This is set by default to a dull green colour (1,152,1), and again may be changed via the “Colours” in “Options” dialogue box.