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    By Anite Ramgi


    I previously wrote a blog about a workaround which changes text according to the part size. However this workaround requires the user to go to the embedded excel sheet and change the parameter value, which can be tedious.

    You can simplify the process by using a form to drive the part.

    From the Parameters manager, add a new parameter. I have called mine ACE.


    The original iLogic script needs to be amended to the below:

    iLogicVb.UpdateWhenDone = True

    GoExcel.CellValue("3rd Party:Embedding 1", "Sheet1", "B1") = ACE

    MultiValue.List("ACE") = GoExcel.CellValues("3rd Party:Embedding 1", "Sheet1", "C6", "C9")

    Description=GoExcel.CellValue("3rd Party:Embedding 1", "Sheet1", "B3")



    After copying the script, click Save & Run. 

    The last step is to create the form, where the ACE parameter will need to be inserted onto the Form Design Tree. 


    Now whenever the parameter changes through the form, the part and description will change accordingly. 


    The key to this workaround is the iLogic script. From the above script, line 2 writes the length value from the parameter ACE to the excel sheet, while line 4 writes the description parameter from the excel sheet to the part via the parameter manager.

    Line 3 turns the ACE parameter from a single to a multi-value parameter. Please note "C6", "C9" reads the values to make the multi-value parameter.



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