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    By John Flanagan 



    Do your Reference Planes look chunky in the Family Editor? In the image above they look fine but in the image below the dashed line pattern needs adjustment.

    Fig 1: Chunky Reference Planes set at 6mm


    To edit the appearance of Reference Planes go to the Manage Tab on the Ribbon, click additional settings and from the dropdown select Line Patterns. 

    Fig 2: Line Patterns Dialogue Box


    The Aligning Line (highlighted) is the default line pattern assigned to Reference Planes. Click the Edit button and if the Dash and Space are set to 6mm which seems to be the default change both to 3mm. This will give a much neater appearance to your Reference Planes in the Family Editor especially if you are placing a lot of Reference Planes.

    Fig 3: Line Pattern Properties Dialogue Box


    Fig 4: Reference Planes Set to 3mm (much neater)



    Making this quick adjustment to the appearance of Reference Planes gives you more control of the visibility of your views in the Family Editor. It is a setting you may want to consider changing when creating customised templates.