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    By Ashley Rice

    Below is a layout of a calculated electrical riser and its associated space allowance requirements within Cyspace including (from left to right) Busbar, Distribution Board, Ancillary panel and Ancillary Distribution. It has DB1 place above DB2 so this harder to visualise on the layout and would benefit from an elevation view.

    Layout Viewpic1.png

    To switch to the elevation view as shown below use the elevation command pic2.png located next to the calculated/select command if the item has that ability. Once you are in the elevation view you can move items below using the mouse to drag and drop.

    Elevation View pic3.png

      User Tips:

    1. Using the shift key allows the user to select multiple items to move at the same time.
    2. Using the shift when moving an item or items allows the user to move within an orthogonal constraint e.g. up down, left right only.
    3. Using a right button click on an item will open a context menu which includes edit and go to form allowing the user quicker access to the attributes with a graphical aid.
    4. Measure allows the user to accurately space items height or width as per screen shot below.




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