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    By John Flanagan


    Sometimes we need to add notes to dimensions. Here is a tip about creating Blank Dimensions in Revit to which we can add a note. This differs to using the replace with text option, as usually the note is too long to fit within the dimension. To create a blank dimension right click within the Replace with Text field. Move down to the Insert Unicode control character and on the drop, click on US Unit Separator. This leaves the Replace with Text field blank. Click OK.pic5.pngNow add your text. Job done. You may have to change the Read Convention for the text to horizontal. To do this simply select the dimension, click Edit Type on the Properties Palette and in the Edit Type dialogue box scroll down and change the Read Convention to horizontal.

    Figure 1: Blank Dimension Symbol with Notepic6.pngConclusion

    Note: Once you make this change it is impossible to double click on the text in order to edit it again, you will need to recreate the dimension if you ever want to change it.