Revit 2018 Change Colour of Ducts

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By Justin Doughty pic1.png

One of the most asked questions regarding Revit MEP is “How to change the colour of ducts?”. I thought I would put together a guide, starting with the basics, but also exploring the topic further, allowing more control over the display of MEP elements.

The main way to colour duct or pipe is to first select the system, either via the system browser, or use Tab until the whole system is selected. Then Edit Type on the System and Edit the Graphic Overrides to your chosen colour:pic2.pngYou can also use a Colour fill to colour the 2D views based on the System:pic3.pngTo do this, setup the Colour Scheme as below:pic4.pngIf you want to display the system colour in 3D views, you need to setup a Filter in the VG. This would be setup as below:pic5.pngIf you are using Fabrication Parts, these will not appear as systems, so we have to use a Filter for Fabrications Services, setup as below:pic6.png

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