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    By Henry Coombs

    Introducing 3D Model Comparison 

    Now you can easily see what has changed between versions of your 3D models with the new Model Comparison tool (available for Revit, IFC and DWG files managed in the published "Plans" folders).  The Compare tool provides insights on geometry and property changes and enables solid understanding of the most current published model by providing detailed change information.

    Features include:

    • Compare and view any two versions of your 3D model
    • View changes in Overlay or Side by Side mode
    • Review color-coded changes (added, removed, and modified) in both the model view and property panel
    • Filter between added, removed and modified assets
    • Distinguish between geometry and property modifications
    • Search & Filter changes by categories, disciplines and object properties
    • Navigate through changes in the 3D view and the results list
    • Export the list of differences to CSV for offline analysis

    To use the new Model Comparison feature, navigate to a model with multiple versions and open the "History" panel.  Select the "Compare Versions" button.  By default, we'll auto-select the two most recent versions, but you can select any two model versions. pic15.jpgpic16.jpgOnce you have chosen the two versions, select the "Compare" button and your two models will appear in overlay mode, like this: pic17.jpgYou can also view in Side by Side mode, like this: pic18.jpg

    After you have explored the data and navigated the model, you can also export the list of changes to CSV.  Here's a look at the data exported for the changes shown above:pic19.jpgPlease note this is currently limited to the "Plans" folders but Autodesk will extend this capability to all folders in a follow-on release.