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    By Luke Howells

    What seems to be an age since the release of Civils 3D 2018 earlier this year and the introduction of its new features, Autodesk has now released the Productivity Tools to enhance the experience futher.

    Undoubtably the features introduced in the 2018 version of Civil 3D have dramatically improved the dynamic ability of the software and sped up a number of manual workflows, helping to reduce redundant work and improve efficiency. My particular favourites were the long awaited Connected Alignments and Offset Profiles.pic1.jpgImage Credit: http://moocnewsandreviews.com

    Talking about long awaited tools, we now have the Civil 2018 Microdrainage Utility Tool. This will no doubt come as a great relief to some users who have been waiting for the fix from Autodesk for 12 months.

    Available from your Autodesk account (manage.autodesk.com) Product Enhancements section, it comes alongside the 2018 Civil/Revit Shared Reference and GENIO import/export extension. I would definitely recommend installing all 3.

     pic2.pngImage Credit: http://xpsolutions.com

    The 2018 Microdrainage Utility replaces the broken link from Civil 3D 2017. No longer are we required to manually export pipe networks as a .csv files to transpose the data between the different pieces of software.

    The new utility tool correctly renames pipe networks in accordance with the required Microdrainage formatting and creates either, .MDX .SWS or .FWS for Microdrainage for modelling.

    AutoCAD Civil 3D users in the United Kingdom are relatively reliant on Autodesk releasing the country kit, known as the UKIE. It gives users a starting point for styles, labels, layer naming conventions etc. It saves a lot of time and should be used as the basis for any corporate templates that are used in the UK.

    For many years UKIE has been released via a download from the Autodesk website. 2018 is different and access to the UKIE country kit is only available from your Autodesk Account site. 

    Log in and go to Product enhancements.

     pic3.pngFrom there you will see the Country kit listed and will come complete with install instructions. I have highlighted other items of interest, especially the Productivity Tools which will be useful to download while you are there.pic4.png