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    By Miles Nicholson

    pic1.jpgIEC60617 defines the symbology required for drawing electrical schematics but sometimes the standard does not go far enough. An example would be a terminal with electronic components bridging connections or even connected across levels. How should these be drawn in a schematic? This is our interpretation.


    The above shows from left to right: solid link, fuse, resistor, diode, diode180, LED, LED180, test link terminals.


    The above shows from top to bottom: LED, LED180, fuse, resistor, diode, diode180, test socket, varistor cross connections. 

    When used in combination, the 2nd terminal is defined as the 2nd deck of the first terminal.pc3.png

    If you would like a copy of these symbols for elecworks™ and you are a Cadline customer, then please contact customer.services@cadline.co.uk

    Image courtesy of Weidmuller



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