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    By Miles Nicholson

    How do you add a client’s company logo into the existing title border? Capture6.PNG

    Right click over one of your schematic drawings > Title block > Add to libraryim1.jpg Select Create a new title block.

    im2.pngDefine the description and class of your title block. im3.pngThe name of the border is automatically generated but can always be changed later. The title border is automatically opened. Capture7.PNGim4.pngIf the image hasn’t been opened in Microsoft Paint, isn’t a *.bmp file or Microsoft Paint isn’t the default program to open *.bmp images, then you may get a box with the file name.


    If this occurs, open the image using Microsoft Paint and whilst the file is still open in Paint, insert the image into the drawing.


    Once the new title border has been saved, we simply need to replace the project title blocks with the newly created one.




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