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    By Martin Phelps

    On installation the default location for the “Properties” and “Project Browser” dialogue boxes are docked one above the other at the left side of the screen as shown in Figure 1.pic1.pngFigure 1.

    Both boxes can be moved away from their current location by selecting the dialogue box name banner at the top of the dialogue and dragging to a new location. These boxes may also be placed one on top of the other by dragging one banner on top of the other and re-docking to either side, as shown in Figure 2.pic2.pngFigure 2.

    A common problem is that one or both of these boxes may disappear due to accidental closure. To toggle the “Properties” dialogue on and off, type in “PP” or from the “View” tab select “User Interface” and check or uncheck the “Properties” box as shown in Figure 3.pic3.png

    Figure 3.

    At the same location the “Project Browser” can also be toggled on and off, by default there is no key-in short cut to toggle the “Project Browser”.



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