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    By Clint Brown


    In this blog post, I want to share everything you need to know about Shared Views in Vault 2018.1.

    The 2018.1 update is only available to subscribers. Importantly, this update requires a server upgrade, as well as a client install. The Server upgrade requires an install and a B2B migrate (details in the readme), so this is something that will likely require your IT department, and or resellers help. Note that if you do not follow the upgrade instructions exactly as laid out in the readme, that your Vault may stop working.

    The update is relatively easy to find. Log into manage.autodesk.com, click on "All Products & Services", locate Vault Professional and then click on "Enhancements". The updates for the server and clients will be shown.


    Once installed successfully, the "Shared Views" window will appear in your Vault client.


    A useful tip, is to dock the "Shared Views" window below the "Vault Metadata" window, as shown in the animated GIF below. This will allow you to switch between them as needed.


    Sharing a View:

    Simply Right click on a file in Vault and choose "Share View" from the right click menu.



    Once the view is ready, you will receive an email (see below).


    The Vault Interface will show a pop up, with options to copy a link to the file, or open the view in a browser. In the animated GIF below, I show a markup being done in the browser, with comments added and bought back to Vault!


    Supported File Types

    You can share views for these file types created by the following applications:

    • Inventor - .ipt, .iam, .idw, .dwg
    • AutoCAD - .dwg
    • AutoCAD Electrical - .dwg
    • AutoCAD Mechanical - .dwg
    • AutoCAD Civil 3D - .dwg