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    By Anite Ramgipic4.pngiParts currently do not support text that is inserted onto a part which changes with each member, as text is not recognised as a parameter.

    However, there is a workaround which uses an excel sheet to drive the part whilst changing the text accordingly. See below.

    The length of the box will determine the description, if the length is 50, then the description will show PART 1.




    PART 1


    PART 2


    PART 3

    Create an excel sheet which will drive the description according to the length. I used VLOOKUP to fill in the description cell automatically, but you could use the IF function.


    Embed the excel sheet to the parameters, making sure the parameter shown on the excel sheet is linked to the parameter of the part.pic6.png


    Add the below script to create an iLogic rule: 

    iLogicVb.UpdateWhenDone = True

    Description=GoExcel.CellValue("3rd Party: Embedding 1", "Sheet1", "B3")

    The above script is deciphered as:

    *Line 1 updates the model

    *Line 2 reads the embedded excel sheet. Please note that Embedding 1 should reflect the model browser. Sheet1 & B3 looks at the sheet number and cell value, where the description value is stored.pic8.png

    Set an event trigger to “Any Model Parameter Change”, so that the iLogic rule runs automatically after a parameter is changed.


    Insert the text parameter onto the face of the part. On the Format Text box, make sure the actual description is shown between the brackets, as shown below. If not, go to the embedded excel and change the parameter, then try inserting the text again.pic10.png

    Now, if you edit the parameter from the excel sheet, your text on the part will change accordingly.