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    By Dennis Collin


    Dynamic blocks are an excellent way to improve productivity with AutoCAD. Not only do they reduce the number of block icons on the tool palettes but also the alignment parameter, visibility parameter and other controls, making creating and updating drawings so much easier and faster.pic1.pngFig 1. The wonder of stretchable blocks!

    However, occasionally you might find the Block Editor option is greyed out either on the block creation dialogue or it’s unavailable on the right click menu.Capture.PNGFig 2. Block Editor disabled

    This issue is because the system variable BLOCKEDITLOCK has been enabled. Typing this variable in will confirm that the key is set to '1' . Typing in '0' (zero) will solve the problem and will enable the user to edit the block and add dynamic properties as appropriate.

    pic2.pngFig 3. Block editor functionality restored!



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