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    By Ashley Rice

    The capability of editing room names in a tabular format.

    Tips to Use

    As a with some projects the room names can change, voids can be used as a riser or WC’s switch from gents to ladies or vice versa and this new feature of editing room names gives the user further global editing power through the dialog box with a collapsible preview window and a find and replace function.

    As below you can see a step-by-step process of changing rooms in tabular format,

    Step 1

    In your building tab, go to edit, global, Rename Rooms and navigate down the list to the room name you wish to change

    Tip – If you have the ‘show on floorplan’ box ticked the software will change the background to the room in question.pic1.pngStep 2

    To replace multiple rooms at once, use the replace dialog box and the option to find and replace all rooms of that nameCapture.PNG



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