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    By Justin Doughty


    After my previous blog on Surface-missing-in-upgraded-file, I thought I would share a similar issue, this time regarding the UKIE content kerbs.

    A number of users were experiencing problems when upgrading a file to the latest version, as soon as a corridor was edited and rebuilt, the kerbs would disappear from the corridor and therefore any corridor surfaces.

    I have found the most suitable way to resolve this issue is to swap the old kerbs for the new version. This process is detailed below:-

    In the new version of Civil 3D, select the old kerb subassembly that has the issue and make note of its properties (parameters are key):


    Go to the Tool Palette on the current version of the subassembly and right click and choose “Apply Tool Properties to Subassembly”:


    This should replace the old kerb with the new version, but with the wrong properties:


    Then adjust the kerb to match the previous properties, we can see we have a new "attachment point" parameter:


    If you keep the properties palette open throughout this process, it is very quick and easy. Finally just re-build the corridors to update.