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    By John Flanagan


    During training courses delegates often ask where they can access extra Revit content – especially families. The following sites will give you access to a large pool of downloadable content to add to your family libraries in Revit.

    1. NBS National BIM Library (UK)

    All families available have been created to the NBS BIM Object Standard. This standardises things like IFC and COBie parameters, meaning they contain a lot of data which is useful for interoperability.

    2. BIM Store (UK):

    Contains a wide range of content from UK Manufacturers – this is a great site to find content.

    3. Autodesk Seek (Intl):

    UPDATE: Autodesk Seek’s BIM content has been moved to the BIM Object website. See below:

    4. BIM Object (Intl):

    BIM Object now hosts all of the Autodesk Seek’s BIM content. Search by brand, category, materials and building types.

    5. Modlar (US/Intl):

    Another BIM Library with a large range, you can find manufacturer specific content, as well as user created generic content.

    6. RubySketch (Aus):

    This site has a lot of SketchUp content but also includes Revit families. Plenty of Mechanical & Plumbing fixtures.

    7. SpecifiedBy (UK):

    A great resource for manufacturer specific content from a large range of product categories. They claim to have “the largest library of BIM content in the UK”.

    8. MeasuredSurvey365

    Free Revit families including Furniture, MEP, Door and Window families.

    9. Revit City:

    Created to no standard and by a lot of different users – worth a look.

    10. Arcat:

    Lots of manufacturer specific and generic content, this site offers a good range of FREE Revit Families.

    11. Smart BIM Library:

    Easy to find Revit families. Both manufacturer specific and generic content, worth a look.

    12. BIMbox (UK):

    The majority of the content focuses on interiors (Sofas, Tables, Shelving etc.) and the site is well set out. Most Revit content is IFC compliant.