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    By John Flanagan2017-08-29_16h07_49.png

    In this blog I will outline the steps to show project status in a Revit Titleblock. Figure 1 shows part of a titleblock with the main design phases listed from Feasibility to As-Built. The next step is to insert a filled region into the six empty boxes as shown in figure 2.


    Fig 1: Design Phases listed with empty boxes.


    Fig 2: Design Phases listed with filled regions.


    Next apply a Yes/No Parameter to each of the filled regions in turn and name them as shown in figure 3.This will allow us to control the visibility of the filled regions when the titleblock is loaded into a project.  

    When you select a filled region, go to properties and click on the little box outlined in red to open the Associate Family Parameter dialogue box.


    Fig 3: Status / Design Phase Parameters.


    Once you have assigned all the parameters load the titleblock into a project and select it. In properties you will see the design phases listed. Simply untick the boxes beside the phases that are not relevant and leave the current design phase ticked. The current design phase will now be clearly indicted on the titleblock as shown in Figure 4.


    Fig 4: Current Project Status.