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    By James Philip


    I was asked on a Training course whether it was possible to schedule many different category items in a particular location.

    If I’m honest I wasn’t sure and so I replied, that I would investigate and report back. The solution is, a much under used feature of Revit, Multi-Category Schedules.

    The delegate wanted to group together many selected items. They weren’t in the same space or room.

    First I created a Shared Parameter called Assembly and applied it to all the categories. (Fig 1)pic23.jpgFig 1

    pic24.jpgFig 2

    I made it an instance Parameter because we need to select individual objects. (Fig 2)

    Select the objects you wish to be in the required Assembly and in the Properties palette give them an appropriate Assembly number (Fig 3)pic25.jpgFig 3

    Repeat the procedure for all the groups of items.

    To create the schedule, go to Schedules on the View Tab and choose Schedules/Quantities.

    Select Multi-Category Schedule, then OK (Fig 4)pic26.jpgFig 4

    In the Schedule Properties dialogue box choose the fields you wish to appear in your schedule, including the Assembly field we created earlier. (Fig 5)pic27.jpgFig 5

    Use the filter Tab to only include the Assembly items in the schedule (Fig 6)

     pic28.jpgFig 6

    In the Sorting and Grouping Tab, sort by Assembly first, then by Family and Type. You can add a Blank line and a Header for clarity and uncheck Itemize every Instance. (Fig 7)pic29.pngFig 7

    In the Formatting Tab make the Assembly a Hidden field. We will accept the Appearance defaults so select OK. (Fig 8)

    pic30.pngFig 8

    The resulting Schedule is shown below. (Fig 9)pic31.jpgFig 9



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