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    By Simon Brown

    Watch this video to see some of the new features in Cymap 2018.



    Cymap Mechanical & Cymap Electrical 2018 New Features:

    • Create a Cymap project using only a gbXML file – Cymap is now able use a gbXML file to determine the elevations when creating a new Job, which will then automatically import the rooms.
    • Room Names can be edited in a tabular form – This feature gives the engineer the ability to edit room names and numbers, add a prefix and a suffix and display these changes to the room on the floor plan or in a collapsible preview window.
    • Ability to flip rooms – A new feature allows the user to flip a room horizontally or vertically.
    • Cymap now supports CIPHE and BS EN 806 method for pipe sizing – Cymap now has a total of five different calculations methods the user can select from.
    • Services Displayed in 3D – In addition to the 3D building Viewer that was introduced in Cymap 2017, you now have the ability to view your services in 3D within Cymap.
    • Electrics Boards From Boards Phase 2 – In Wiring, it is now possible to import not just the Final Circuit Boards but also the complete electrical sub mains distribution network, including the interconnecting cables from your Cymap Electrics project into the Cymap Wiring program.
    • Add the main ‘Supply Board’ as a sub-main board when importing from Electrics – In Electrics when the sub mains ‘Supply Board’ is only feeding other downstream boards, it will be imported to Wiring as a Main Distribution Board. Or, In Electrics when the sub mains ‘Supply Board’ is also feeding Final Circuits, then it will be imported to Wiring as a Final Board.


    CyLINK 2018 New Features:

    • Circular grilles – Now Cymap has the ability to place circular grilles, the appropriate library parts and functionality has been added to CyLINK 2018.
    • Corrected radiator valve connections – The radiator valves now connect to the radiators without a small run of pipe between the radiator and valve.
    • Revised help – Revised context sensitive help included.
    • Revised licencing/registration process – A more robust registration set up has been implemented.
    • Pipes not visually connecting to Calorifier – Where valves are employed the pipes now connect up to the Calorifier correctly.
    • Pipes not visually connecting to Fan Coil unit – When isolating valves were placed near FCUs the pipes sometimes failed to connect properly, this has now been rectified.