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    By Clint Brown


    Have you ever wanted to make your design approvals in Vault easier?

    Traditional change orders are long winded and take ages to get signed off, but that is all about to change.

    Cadline Connect is a new tool that seamlessly links your design data in Vault to the cloud, allowing for extended team members to access design information and sign off change orders from anywhere and on practically any device.

    The video below shows how a design can be signed off by going through 2 approval gates, including approval via and iPad.

    The next video is a bit more in-depth and shows how Cadline Connect links Vault to Fusion Lifecycle for cloud connected approvals. Linking Vault to Fusion Lifecycle allows for Engineering teams to continue working in a familiar environment, but allows for the approval process to be extended to other teams outside of Engineering. BoM information is also available to other teams.

    For more information, please contact apps@cadline.co.uk



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